A term insurance is a type of insurance plan wherein the insured is given a cover in the event of an adversity during the term period or the coverage period. In the event of the insured’s death, the beneficiary receives the payout.  The premium is usually less than the life insurance while the payout is higher. If the person does not die during the term, they can increase the term or the policy lapses. However, the premium in the case of an extended term is generally high.

Term Insurance Comparison

 Term insurance comparison can be done through different online portals to ensure that you select the best option in the market according to your needs. Policies365gives you access to a host of plans, enabling you to compare term insurance on several parameters. It is advisable that you compare term insurance before zeroing in on a policy that best fits your requirement. Let’s take a look at the different term insurance plans offered by major companies in the market today.

 Term insurance plan by LIC

Term life insurance or term assurance provides coverage for your loved ones at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. If you stop paying premiums, the insurance stops. Term policies are beneficial only in a situation where you die during the period covered by the policy. Popular LIC term insurance– LIC Anmol Jeevan II Term Plan.

 Term insurance by HDFC

HDFC offers a variety of term plans, namely HDFC Click2Protect 3D Plus, HDFC Click2Protect Plus, and CSC Suraksha Plan. The Click2Protect 3D Plus offers nine cover options with the terminal illness, accidents, and maturity benefits. Under theClick2Protect Plus Plan, which comes with four cover options, the death benefit offered is 125% higher than that in a single premium plan. The CSC Suraksha is a low-cost plan targeting rural populations. Popular HDFC term insurance – HDFC Click2Protect 3D Plus.

Term Insurance by ICICI

ICICI Life Insurance offers the option of either buying online or through intermediaries. A range of ICICI term insurance plans is available on various policy comparison sites and also through intermediaries like agents, brokers, etc. Among a total of three ICICI term insurance plans offered, two are online and one offline. Popular ICICI term insurance– ICICI Pru iprotect Smart.

 Term Insurance by SBI

SBI Life Insurance Company offers a variety of term plans to customers and every plan is different in terms of both features and availability. Some SBI term insurance plans can be bought online at a lower premium, while other SBI term insurance plans are available offline and can be easily availed from agents, brokers, bank assurance channels, etc. Popular SBI term insurance– SBI Life Smart Shield.

Term Insurance by Max Life

The company offers a lot of variety and diversity in its plans. All Max Life term plans ensure that the customer gets attractive benefits at competitive rates. Popular Max Life term insurance– Max Online Term Basic Cover.

Term Insurance by Aegon

The customers are offered an amazing range of term insurance plans and every plan has a different set of features which makes it unique. The company thrives on providing a lot of sustainable options to their customers according to their distinct needs. Popular Aegon term insurance– Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan.

Given the variety of term insurance plans in the market, a thorough comparison is necessary to identify the right plan for one’s needs. At Policies365, you receive a comprehensive comparison and analysis for a wide pool of term plans. Visit Policies365 today to start your comparison journey and purchase the term plan that best suits your needs!