So winter is finally here, and with that comes the prospect of travelling! Travelling is always fun – either with friends, family, your loved one or even solo. However, during a time like this, with everyone gearing up to go places, there are a few very important things to keep in mind before embarking on your journey. Let’s take a look, shall we?

a) Check Weather Conditions in your Place of Travel – The one thing you don’t want happening is to reach your destination, all excited and ready to go, only to find out that the weather has played the spoilsport. Be it a flood, hailstorm, excessive snowing or anything else, having your whole vacation ruined by the weather is no fun. We suggest checking out the weather in your place of travel prior to leaving – a simple Google search like “Weather in Kasol today” should do the trick.

b) Planning Your Trip – Vacations are amazing fun, but they have one huge drawback – they seem to get over way sooner than you initially imagined (unless you’re stuck at the airport due to bad weather. Then, it’s the opposite). We suggest doing adequate research to understand the top places to visit, places to eat, things to see and do, etc. before your trip. Not only will this save you a lot of time, but you can also feel like you made the most of your trip!

c) Identification –Always carry your Government of India issued identification proofs with you at all times. If you’re planning on doing outdoor activities, keep your documents safe in the hotel locker or at the reception. Additionally, carrying all your important documents on your mobile phone is always recommended.

d) Preparing Yourself – Not only does travelling entails packing your clothes and belongings, but you also have to ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared for the journey. In a previous article, we had mentioned the main ways in which you can ensure your own well being during such treacherous times. Make sure that you get regular check-ups, you aren’t feeling unwell and carry OTC medicines for cold, fever, and headaches with you at all times. Additionally, stick to clean water, ideally bottled or from a water filter.

e) Travel Dates – Another thing you would want to avoid is travelling on peak days. Not only do the train stations and airports get jam-packed, but almost all hotels, restaurants and lodges are either booked out or extremely expensive. Plan your dates accordingly!

And that’s that! We hope you follow these suggestions as they are meant to ensure a safe, smooth and fun journey for you! Happy travelling!