There are few things in life as liberating as a bike trip across the vast expanse of this beautiful country we call home. Across all the terrains, and the blessed lands, the mesmerizing beauty of this diverse nation is best experienced on a bike!

Usually, bike trips are undertaken by professionals, or individuals who have relevant experience having ridden across larger areas. However, if you’re a first-time bike tripper, there are a list of things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that this journey is a memorable one for you and your friends.

a) Research your Route – A lot of the times, going off route and exploring other areas becomes a problem. Always research the entire route prior to your departure – a simple Google search will throw up the route to your destination. Find adequate pit stops, fuel pumps on the route, hotels/restrooms and restaurants that are open at specific travel times. Additionally, take screenshots of the directions and store them on your phone, in case you’re lost and need some help.

b) Plan your Travel – A long journey isn’t a race from start to finish. The idea is to enjoy yourself, soak in the beauty of the land and also to ensure that you’re well rested and in a condition to go the distance. We suggest planning the trip in such a way that you take a 10-minute break every 1 hour or 50 kilometres – that way, not only will you remain fresh, but you’ll also be on schedule.

c) Make sure you Remain Hydrated – The number 1 issue that bikers in long journeys face is dehydration. This is bound to happen when you’re moving quickly across regions that may have different humidity levels. You can avoid this by carrying a strap-on water bottle on your bike – this way, every time you take a small break, you can always hydrate yourself and your fellow bikers. The roads are treacherous, so always make sure that everyone is well hydrated and good to go.

d) Carry First-Aid – While nobody wants to think about the worst case scenario, you can always ensure that the damage is limited by being equally prepared. Carry a first-aid kit in your bag, or purchase a bike satchel that allows you to carry the kit on the bike. The first-aid kit should consist of band-aids, cotton wool, antiseptic liquid, crepe bandages, and OTC medicines for headaches, fever and common diseases.

e)Travelling Light – You can make the whole journey a lot easier for yourself by travelling light. This way, not only do you not have too many objects to take care of, but you can also effectively experience the best possible bike ride. Make sure to carry your essentials and your Government of India issued identification proofs and only a few items that you will need.

f) Plan Your Meals – It is always advisable to travel on a light or empty stomach and then having your meal on the way. A huge, heavy meal will make you lazy, drowsy and sleepy, none of which are conducive to bike riding. Find spots to eat that aren’t serving heavy food – in fact, eating fruits and drinking a lot of water is most recommended.

g) Get Your Safety On – A bike ride also comes with its set of rules and responsibilities. As a responsible biker, it is up to you to ensure your own safety and the safety of your co-riders and travellers. Always insist on proper helmets/headgear, knee and elbow guards and proper clothing that will allow you to remain completely safe as you travel and experience the joys of bike riding.

h) Have the Right Bike Insurance – Let’s face it – dangers exist everywhere, and even more so on bikes. We at Policies365 are adamant that all bikers, be it the ones riding across the cities or even going on bike trips like yourself, take adequate bike insurance so that in the event of any mishap, you and your beloved bike are covered financially. You can check out the best Bike Insurances here:

Bike riding is one of those things that are best experienced first-hand. Follow these steps and make sure that yours is a journey to remember. Bon voyage!