A term insurance is the most straightforward form of life insurance. It is that part of insurance which is specially made for a particular period of time and subsequently expires after that. It usually only covers your family in case the policyholder dies. However, HDFC life gives you a flexible policy so you get a choice of flexibility and comprehensive security at an affordable price.

Policies 365

Policies 365 is an online term policy that covers you from the 3Ds, i.e. Death, Disability and Disease, unlike other policy brands. With this online term policy, you can make sure your family has a secured future, without being financially dependent on someone in your absence.  Choose from the wide variety of cover options, considering your insurance needs

Why you should have this plan?

  • Gives you a whole life cover.
    HDFC Life gives you a full life cover, unlike other term insurance policies which cover for a particular term period.
  • Lumpsum pay-out method.
    HDFC gives you a lump sum pay-out method so that the beneficiary can receive the money in a lump sum while filing the claim.
  • Survival benefit offered
    Survival benefit is a benefit that allows the policyholder to money even if the policyholder survives the policy term period.
  • 2 Benefit riders
    HDFC Life gives you benefit riders such as:

Critical illness rider

Accidental disability rider

  • Receive monthly income for regular financial stability
    Under this benefit, the claim amount can be received in a monthly instalment that gives the policy holder’s family a financial disability.
  • Waiver of premiums in event of accidental total permanent disability or critical illness.
    In case the regular income of the family is hurdled, due to accidental disability or critical illness of the breadwinner of the family. The premium amount gets waivered. 

Riders and benefits

Riders help insurance holders get their plans tailor-made and suited according to their specifications. These act as add-ons for a term insurance policy which can be bought by the policyholder for more benefits. The policyholder can choose them according to his insurance needs.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus gives you 2 extra rider benefits with its term insurance.

  • Income benefit on accidental disability rider
    HDFC Income benefit gives 1% of the sum assured as monthly income for the next 10 years in case of total/partial permanent disability caused by an accident.
  • HDFC Life critical illness plus rider.HDFC Life Critical illness plus rider offers Lump-sum pay-out of policy sum assured for diagnosis of 19 critical illnesses that are mentioned in the plan.

Plan options for Policies 365

  • Life option
    This plan is designed to pay out the entire sum assured as lump-sum on the death of the policyholder or on the diagnosis of Terminal Illness. Also, all future premiums are waivered upon accidental permanent disability.
  • Extra Life OptionAccidents are unexpected and demand you to be prepared. Hence, HDFC Click 2 protect policy offers you the Extra Life option in which, in addition to the life option benefits, your nominee will receive an additional sum assured if the policyholder dies in case of an accident.
  • 3D Life OptionIt provides lump-sum benefit on death or Terminal Illness similar to Life option. Additionally, you will receive a waiver of future premiums not only on accidental disability but also on a diagnosis of the 34 diseases covered in the plan.
  • Return of PremiumIn this option, the total premium paid till date will be returned if the policyholder survives the term insurance period. Also, if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness or disability, the policy amount will be paid in lump sum and future premiums will be waivered off.
  • Life Long Protection 

    This benefit gives you lifelong protection. You need to pay premium till the age of 75, but the policy doesn’t expire after that. The entire sum assured is paid as a lump sum in case of death or diagnosis of Terminal Illness.

  • 3D Lifelong protection planApart from the benefits of the 3D Life option, you get a waiver of future premiums upon diagnosis of any critical illness listed in the plan.

Give your family a secured future by giving them financial security at an affordable price with Policies 365 Protect term insurance, so that you no one can take away the comfort of your family in your absence.