In India, two-wheelers i.e. motorbikes, moped, scooters etc. are the most preferred mode of everyday commute owing to the quick mobility and ease of riding they offer. But with usage comes a maintenance cost that can prove to be financially burdensome if the bike is uninsured. Thus arises the need for a two-wheeler insurance.

What is a two-wheeler insurance?

As the name suggests, two-wheeler insurance is an insurance policy that financially covers against any damage, theft or third party liability caused to your two-wheeler. While buying insurance, you will come across two main types of policies:

  1. Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance: Under this policy, the vehicle is covered against theft, damage or loss along with a personal accident cover for the rider. Moreover, such a plan also offers coverage against third-party liability events
  2. Third Party Liability Two-Wheeler Insurance: This insurance will cover you only against loss or damage due to a third party. It does not cover loss or damage of the vehicle or the rider in case of an accident

Why get two-wheeler insurance?

The Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates each motor vehicle plying on Indian streets to have a valid third-party liability cover. Having two-wheeler insurance not only has a legal advantage but is also beneficial for the owner. There’s no financial stress as any case of loss or damage caused by or to the two-wheeler is covered under the policy. In case of permanent disability or death of the rider in an unfortunate accident, the insurance company insures up to one lakh.

Why get two-wheeler insurance online?

A comparative insurance analysis is essential if you want a premium that best suits your needs without any compromise on the coverage. An online platform like makes this tiresome task hassle-free.

When you buy your two-wheeler insurance online, you can:

  • Compare policies from top-ranking providers
  • Choose one of the many plans that suit your needs the best
  • Save money with a side by side comparison of all plans offered
  • Get help from the site’s customer service

Things to keep in mind when buying two-wheeler insurance online

Buying a two-wheeler insurance online is easy and convenient. In order to make the investment cost-effective, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Decide on the type of policy you need – a liability only cover or a comprehensive plan. Additionally, some insurers may provide plans that cover only specific risks.
  2. Add-on features over the basic plans are offered by all companies. These include additional features for wear and tear, new features for more expensive accessories or accidental coverage for the co-rider. Features like Zero Dep or NIL Depreciation are particularly profitable as the insured doesn’t need to pay any extra premium for depreciation charges.
  3. Make the most of the user-friendly features offered for a two-wheeler insurance online such as 24/7 call center services, expert advice for selecting the right policy plan, easy transfer of NCB (No Claim Bonus) when you are buying a new two-wheeler or concessions for the inclusion of theft-proof devices
  4. The claim process involves a few broad steps that might be tedious for an individual to carry out. So while comparing, make sure that the insurer helps you file the claim
  5. It is advantageous to get insurance from companies offering electronically signed plans as you can simply renew your insurance when required and take a print out of it
  6. While comparing twowheeler insurance online, it is advantageous to opt for companies that provide concessions in several areas such as membership of a renowned automotive association, installation of anti-theft devices etc.

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